We are hugely passionate about to giving young people opportunities to make a difference; what better way than to be part of an organisation that fights prejudice?


FYFT is a strong but small charity with currently only two full time members, so we are always looking for people willing to volunteer their time and skills to help us grow.


We currently have a team of young volunteers working with us, helping in a variety of areas such as admin, art, writing, working with young people leading workshops and graphic design.


Bear in mind we can't pay you, but if you have the right passion we can provide you with experience you want or need and a very generous reference! If there are any areas in which you think your skills are particularly suited we will try as best as we can to accommodate your interests and skills.


The battle against prejudice is a long one and we are unable to do it alone. If you believe that prejudice does not belong in our world & you want to join the fight then please do not hesitate to contact our Founder and Directer, Ben Freeman directly by email.

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