At FYFT we believe in the importance of working with young people directly. Our small team of leaders act as role models to students, inspiring them to take responsibility for their role in the Story of Prejudice and empowering them to feel that they are truly capable of making a positive impact on the world.


We believe it's crucial to build relationships with schools, working with them over a period of time, allowing the students to trust us so that we can have honest, challenging conversations with them. In our workshops we strive to create a safe space to openly discuss difficult issues of prejudice, where every participant feels comfortable to express themselves.


We have a developed a three part programme which helps the students understand prejudice whilst empowering them to take positive action within their own lives & communities.


We have worked with groups as small as eight pupils and as large as 500. We are happy to cater our programme to suit your schools/youth groups. Despite being only a small team between 2013 - 2014 we have worked with over 1800 pupils worldwide. Read our testimonials to find out more...


If you would like us to run workshops at your school or youth group please don't hesitate to contact us.