After every workshop we run, we gather feedback from students and teachers alike. The feedback we receive is vitally important in helping us grow and develop our services. We have taken a vow never to 'rest on our laurels' and to always search for ways to improve. Below is a selection of the feedback that we have received during 2013 - 2014.

Feedback from Teachers

'I think FYFT's style of teaching is is important to have informal discussion to send engage the students.' - Doon Academy



'I think the experience benefitted our second years greatly. I too enjoyed the lesson. I believe lessons like these are important for everyone, everywhere, but particularly for Social Subjects.' - Doon Academy



'Just a short note to say thank you so much to FYFT for coming to our school last term as part of a S1 Challenge. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed your documentary and were incredibly moved by its content. The lesson plans and resources were fantastic and all staff involved would like to pass on their thanks.' - McLaren High School



'FYFT presented their talk at the students' level which made it easier for pupils to understand and respond to.' - Dollar Academy

Feedback from Students

'I think lessons like these are very important as they show what happened and what can happen again. It inspires us to be nicer to each other as humans.' - Doon Academy



'I felt that FYFT explained the Holocaust differently from a teacher and it made me understand what happened on a deeper level.' - Doon Academy



'...they were interesting and I enjoyed the 'chatty' nature of how we discussed more serious topics.' - Glasgow Academy



'To FYFT; Thank you very, very much for your amazing, moving emotional documentary. You educated me to understand the Holocaust. You taught me something different; the damage it had done to every soul living, not only Jewish people. It made me cry to see how one person can treat another and makes me think again how I treat others.' - Georgina from McLaren High School



'I think FYFT workshops are really important as we don't want the mistakes of the past to be repeated in the future.' - Ben from McLaren High School



'Thank you for coming in and talking to us about the Holocaust. Now I will do everything in my power to stop it happening again. It should not have happened in the first place.' - Peter from McLaren High School



'...I learned that if I see something I disagree with, then I should take action and not be a bystander.' - Novi Middle School, Michigan



'No matter what we are, we are all connected to the holocaust in some way or another. FYFT is truly amazing and inspiring.' - Novi Middle School, Michigan



'I took away that there's more we can do & that we have more impact than we think. We are the future and we need to learn to be brave and nicer to others. I learned that history does matter to us because we are part of it, and we can learn from their mistakes.' - Novi Middle School, Michigan



'One thing that I took from the discussion is to become more open minded and not to get sucked into all the social norms and stereotypes.' - Victoria from Novi Middle School, Michigan