What We Do

We aim to prevent & tackle prejudice with our innovative educational resources for secondary school aged students that emotionally & socially educate. We create Units that explore one specific prejudice topic, educating about the suffering of a minority to allow students to empathise with individuals whose experiences may differ from their own.


Our units also explain the process in which prejudice develops, whilst linking the Unit example to other prejudices, helping students to understand that behind every bigoted attitude lurks the same essential causes; ignorance & a lack of empathy.


Each Unit consist of curriculum mapped lesson plans, documentaries & accompanying resources. Our first unit of educational resources focuses on the lessons that current and future generations can learn from the Holocaust.


FYFT also runs outreach programmes for schools and youth groups, in which we work directly with young people to empower, inspire and inform on an effective, informal, peer-led basis. In our first two years we worked directly with over 4500 pupils. Our workshops have been described as moving, powerful & inspiring by both teachers & students we've encountered; read our testimonials to find out more.


Our anti-prejudice education inspires students to feel a positive connection with their surrounding world, empowering them to take responsibility for their actions or inactions within it. We do this, in part, by presenting topics of prejudice in a jargon-less, accessible way.


If you have enquiries or are interested in having FYFT visit your school/youth group then please do get in touch.


FYFT students are socially responsible & emotionally aware. They recognise the human qualities all individuals have in common whilst respecting their differences. They find solidarity with those whose rights are compromised and take action to help them.


Our methods are informal & peer-led and much of our teaching centres on four key practices; informing, explaining, inspiring & empowering. We respect the voices of the young people we educate & encourage teachers who use our resources to do so too – in this way we believe we create leaders rather than followers

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