Ben Freeman

Who Are We?

We are a young, non-profit charitable organisation who believes when it comes to tackling prejudice, prevention is the solution. Our mission is to educate students, empowering young people of today to tackle prejudice and inspiring them to challenge their own preconceptions. Children are the future – or so the saying goes – but we believe much mainstream education doesn’t offer them their tools they need to shape that future for themselves. This is where we come in.


We create educational resources for teacher use & lead in-school workshops – aimed at fostering who are more confident, aware & compassionate.


"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - Albert Einstein


Ben, FYFT's Founder and Director has been working in informal, anti-prejudice education for over 10 years. During his Masters degree in politics at the University of Glasgow, he worked for a national charity as a youth worker where he honed his skills in leadership, the creation of educational resources and his ability to consume large quantities of chocolate biscuits. His passion for campaigning against bigotry was the provocation to the founding of FYFT, but his other passions lie in 1950s movie stars and his cat Pebbles.


We are lucky to be supported by a great team of committed trustees.




Our Team

Janine Bothwell

Our Deputy Director Janine is passionate about social justice and anti-prejudice education. She studied a Masters in Psychology at the University of Glasgow, so has been the brains behind the psychological benefits of FYFT's resources. She loves working with young people in outreach - probably because she's never really grown up herself!


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